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The first Labor Day was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City. It was a day set aside to recognize the many contributions workers have made to America’s prosperity and well-being. In June of 1894, President Grover Cleveland signed a law, making the first Monday in September a national holiday and officially dubbed it as Labor Day. 

Just as America’s strength and well-being prospered through the contributions of her hard workers, so has our shag club. We have 277 members in the Charlotte Shag Club who come together with one purpose in mind: to promote and preserve the shag dance and the beach music associated with it. This mission is only made possible through the hard work of our members! Our board members deserve special recognition because they give unselfishly of their time to keep our club going; however, the real heartbeat of our club is the support, dedication, and commitment of our members!  Whenever or whatever the need, you, our club members, are there offering your support in whatever capacity necessary to make our club the great club that it is. You are to be commended for that! So, on this Labor Day, please know your hard work and generosity are very much appreciated!

September is always one of the most exciting and busiest months of the year for us. Fall Migration (and all the events associated with SOS) is certainly the highlight of the month. One special event is the Fun Monday drawing to see who wins the cash prize of $3,500! Our club sold 179 raffle tickets and was able to donate $1,790 to the SOS foundation and North Myrtle Beach Children Charities!  Thank you so very much for your support! Maybe a Charlotte Shag Club member will be the lucky winner! There are lots of special events that you don’t want to miss while you’re at SOS but none is as important or as much fun as our own “I Love This Bar” shooter party on September 21, at Ducks! Glenna and her committee have worked especially hard to ensure this year’s party is the best ever! So, come as you are and show how much you love this bar! One of the ways you can do this is by purchasing and wearing a Charlotte Shag Club tee shirt while you’re at the beach! (Or anywhere you want to!)  The glitch in the women’s sizes has been corrected, thanks to Ronnie Glover, so now each of us can proudly wear our club tee shirts to not only promote the shooter party, but to promote our club in general. It is a fun and easy way to let everyone know how much we love our club! These shirts will be on sale at Lynn’s on Thursday nights for $20!

While we have had enormously fun times together, there are times that we all must pause and say a little prayer for club members who need our love and support. Our club has been hit pretty hard lately with illnesses, surgeries, deaths, and personal crises that can greatly benefit from a shoulder to lean on, an encouraging word, a supportive card, call, or text. I am not at liberty to mention them all by name, but if you know someone who is going through a difficult time, reach out to them in the spirit of friendship and genuine concern. 

As the lazy, hazy days of summer come to an end, we can look forward to cooler nights, beautiful autumn colors, and the eventful holidays that we celebrate each year. Now that the kids are back in school, work weeks are more settled, and schedules are back on track, I hope you will make coming to Lynn’s on Thursday nights part of your weekly routine! It is a great place to be! Lessons start at 7:00 PM and open dancing begins at 8:00 PM! Come join the fun!

Don’t ever miss the chance to dance!



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